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About Us - Going green the Easi-way

Btrack Solutions Limited is a privately owned company based in Frome, Somerset in the United Kingdom. It has been trading since 2004. Btrack's products now spend the entire range of in-vehicle GPS based and CANbus enabled technologies.

Btrack provides the normal GPS vehicle tracking using its own bespoke internet based Mapping system. The telematics business know-how of Btrack dates back to 1997 and its customers now includes major Blue Chip companies. Btrack has a unique ability to deliver bespoke solutions quickly and with an eye on cost that is unrivalled.

Btrack's core product, BlueBox, is an intelligent internet based in-vehicle unit, which when fitted to a commercial vehicle enables the fleet operator to monitor driver and vehicle efficiency to provide an accurate and unbiased overall fleet grading.


Btrack Solution Limited is an innovative bespoke solutions provider for the transportation industry. Majority of its products and solutions are designed & manufactured in-house & provided by Btrack. Some other products are sourced from suppliers who have been trading with Btrack for a number of years.


Btrack also specialises in providing solutions using Hydrogen generator that use PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) stack in which the Hydrogen is produced without the use of chemical electrolytes. This is supplied to the transportation market. One of Btrack's latest product is a PEM stack electrolyser that is supplied to Safeflame (UK) Limited which goes under the motto of "A new safer flame from water...". Safeflame does not use any chemical electrolyte, Alcohol "boosters like MEK or Acetone. It will not "lightback" or "Flashback" and so do not need "Flashback Arrestors". A first in the Flame brazing market.



Btrack also provides the whole range of very accurate Swiss-made diesel flowmeters that have accuracies of 99.5%. This is very important for assessing fuel consumption of vehicles. They are used in cars, trucks, vans, buses, boats, generators & stationery plants etc. Btrack is the sole distributor for UK and Ireland for the full range of AIC flowmeters for small engines all the way up to ocean going ships of 24,000KW and more, since 1998. AIC flowmeters are supplied by AIC Systems AG based in Basel, Switzerland.


Btrack also commissions bespoke solutions for their clients. A typical example of such a development is the provision to JCB and laterly Caterpillar, a bespoke large wireless LED Fuel consumption display unit on the cab-roof of their vehicle giving "live" data of fuel consumption provided by the AIC flowmeter and recorded by Btrack BlueBox and displayed.

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