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Wireless GPS tracking for Trailers

Advanced Trailer Tracker

Easitracker is an advanced self contained real time tracking device. Using a solar recharging cell, the built-in batteries can support GPS fixes from once a day to intervals of every 5 minute intervals 24/7 and 365 day a year. Btrack's web-based Google mapping system provides coverage around the world down to street level.  

No power source, no problem


                                                         Easitracker's unique power management system ensures that the unit performs                                                                       regardless of the weather conditions without external wiring so the unit can be                                                                         installed in minutes, keeping your downtime to a minimum. 


                                                         The Easitracker comes in the form of getting a GPS fix from every 15 minutes to one                                                                 GPS fix per day depending on the model. It is up to you how often you want to track                                                                 your trailers. 


                                                         With a long life battery without recharging from say the vehicle battery or solar panel,                                                             this version of the Easitracker can provide one trailer GPS fix position per day for up

                                                         to 3-4 years


Track the load not the truck

With Easitracker you can track the load regardless of who or what the trailer is attached to. This ensures you never lose touch with your customer's goods regardless of whether you are using a spot hire truck or a third party logistics provider.

Ready to go regardless of how long your trailer is standing

Easitracker can be configured to provide one update per day for trailer which have not moved and can report from stationary equipment for long period of time. As soon as you move the trailer again the system starts to work in real time tracking the journey based on the tracking interval specified.

Improved load security

With Easitracker, the second the trailer is moved, the system is started by the in-built motion sensor. You can even ring fence a road to receive an alert if a trailer has made an unscheduled stop or deviates from its planned route.

No more download charges

With Easitracker you pay one fixed monthly charge. You can access your vehicle/trailer information as often as you like without "polling" or download charges. Easitracker displays your fleet of trucks / trailers activity from any wed connected PC or device and you do not have to pay individual licences or installed dedicated software.

No GPRS network reception, no Problem

In more remote areas without GPRS coverage, Eaistracker records and stores the GPS data until reception is regained so the journey information is tracked regardless of local phone reception.

High value Goods tracking

 Btrack supplies a "High Value Goods" tracker system that can accompany a "Tote" for delivery of electronic items like laptops, mobile phones etc. It will be able to report the Tote positions every 3 minutes and up to 3 days.

Wired Trailer Tracker

Btrack provides a wired Trailer tracker unit. It is very similar to the Easilocator Tracker unit and reports to the Btrack Mapping server with all the facilities that Easilocator customers enjoy.

Easy to use

The web based mapping and reporting suite has been designed to be easy to use by anyone regardless of PC skills, making implementation simple and efficient.

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