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New Developments........we are always looking for new challenges

Btrack is an innovative company that has the "can do" attitute. It is continuiously developing and upgrading its products in addition to developing new and extended range of products. An example of such attitute is the hydrogen injection system for HGV which was developed over a 5 year period. Btrack developed this system using PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane ) technology to generate pure Hydrogen and Oxygen gas without using any chemicals, just deionised or distilled water and 24Vpower supply. The hydrgen gas which is produced on-demand is then injected into the engine air intake to improve fuel consumption and to reduce nasty exhaust gas emissions like CO, CO2, NOx etc in real time.  The Oxygen generated is discharged into the atmosphere safely.

From the above technology and knowledge, Btrack was then able to design a Hydrogen generator using power from the mains (110V and 240V) which is not a vehicle related or transportation product. The electrolyser product is developed for Safeflame. This Safeflame unit can produce a "new safer flame from water". It can be used in the Jewellery market, Educational Establishment, Heating & Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration market and many other Industrial applications. One can produce a "safer flame" from water without using compressed bottled gases ( which are prone to accidents with severe consequences ). Safeflame does not use any chemicals or Alcohol like MEK or Acetone. Hence "A new safer flame from water..." For more details on Safeflame, please visit :

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