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Accelaration, Speed and RPM management system for vehicles

A Proactive Fuel Saving Device - Average fuel Improvement of between 5% - 10% depending on vehicle and operation profiles.

Return on Investment is usually less than 12 months

The EASI-PEDAL is a pro-active cost effective fit and forget device that saves you money. It has many capabilities and advantages such as:


1.        Plug and Play (500 + applications)

2.        Road Speed Restrictions / Limiting

3.        Engine Speed (Revs) Restriction

4.        Acceleration Management

5.        Multiple Profiles

6.        Reversing Restrictions

7.        Towing Profile

8.        Anti-theft measures

9.        Safe ECO cut-off

10.      Dynamic Load Feature

11.      Dynamic Control of Pedal (Tolerance 0-15mv)


It is 2, 3 and 4 that contribute most to the reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, but as you see it offers much more. Fully fitted the basic system costs £450 excluding VAT and should pay for itself in a year or less.


Examples from case studies


1.        Danish Post Office: Four vehicles operated over consistent routes with the same drivers over a four-month period. EASI-PEDAL delivered proven fuel savings of 12.3% to 15.7%.


2.        An electronics company that does home delivery conducted an assessment on four vehicles over a two-month period. The recorded average improvement in fuel consumption was 9%, giving a ROI of 9 months. The company is fitting the EASI-PEDAL to its leased vehicles (up to 50 Mercedes Sprinter vans) that have been ordered for delivery in August; as part of its fleet replenishment programme.


3.        A retailer with approximately 300 vehicles conducting home deliveries concluded a trial using four vehicles (Mercedes Sprinters). The trial lasted for two months and the vehicles recorded an average improvement of 10%. Forty vehicles have now been fitted with the device and the remaining 260 units will be fitted during 2015/2016.


4.        A bus company has started trials and the first test bus is showing a fuel consumption improvement of 10%. A second bus is now being fitted out to expand the evaluation process.


5.        Trials taking place in Europe with refuse vehicles have recorded an improvement of 19.52% for two Scania CNG vehicles against control vehicles. One was a P320 and the other a P280. A Mercedes Econic 2630 diesel recorded an improvement of 30.17% against a control vehicle. The total accumulated distance for all 3 test vehicles during June 2016 was 6.812 km. Whilst these figures seem impossibly high, consideration has to be given to the ability to over-rev the engine during Power Take Off (PTO) and stop-start operation, which the EASI-PEDAL can control.


6.        A home delivery company had adapted the system with digital sensors, so that if an obstruction is detected close behind the vehicle when in reverse gear the accelerator will not work. They are also showing fuel savings of up to 10%.

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